Mission & Vision


Gazi University Career Planning Application and Research Center was established in 2012 to create career awareness of our students from the first year when they entered the university, to develop their knowledges and abilities and to guide them in making career plans. In addition, our main goal is to train and guide graduate candidates who are well-equipped, preferred, highly employable both in our country and in the world.


The main objectives of our student- and graduate-centered center are:

1. Determining career goals and helping to achieve them,

2. To help that they find job and career opportunities where they can develop themselves by combining their professional knowledges and individual skills,

3. To ensure that they get to know the sector and the business world closely about the field they will graduate from, and have information about internship and job opportunities

4. Providing the opportunity to come together with the managers and / or representatives of private and public institutions and organizations,

5. Providing the opportunity to meet with academicians who stand out with their expertise and success in the field,

6. To provide information about domestic and international master's and doctoral education, job and internship opportunities,

7. To help them develop their individual skills and abilities with personal development trainings and seminars,

8. Assisting in job application and recruitment processes with individual consultancy services (such as CV preparation, interview preparation, effective communication skills, etc.),

9. To strengthen communication and cooperation with graduated people, to provide the necessary support in their professional life after graduation, and to enable our graduates to act as a sectoral mentor for their graduate candidates,

10. To cooperate with other universities in the provision of Career Planning services.