Mission - Vision


Gazi University Career Planning Practice and Research Center was established in 2012 to provide guidance to students on career planning and to help them develop their knowledge and skills. In addition, it is our main aim to bring up graduates who are fully qualified in different fields.


The basic aims of our centre whose focus is students and graduates :

  1. To help in determining career goals and their fulfillment,

  2. To help students in finding work and career opportunities which will enable them to combine their professional knowledge and skills with personal talents,

  3. To enable students to learn about the sector and work field that they will graduate in about training and job opportunities,

  4. To enable them to meet the managers/representatives of private and public institutions,

  5. To inform students on national and international post-graduate education, work and training opportunities,

  6. To enable students to meet academicians who are experts in their field,

  7. To help students develop their personel skills and talents through personal development training and seminars,

  8. To help students in the process of job applications through personal consultance services(preparing resumes, getting prepared for interviews, effective communication skills etc.),

  9. To strengthen communication and cooperation with graduates, to provide support in their professional life after graduation,

  10. To be in cooperation with other universities in the provision of career planning services.


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