What is The Career Planning Process ?

Developing Career Plans :

There are lots of things students need to do before they start looking for a job. The career planning process is different for every student as they have different experiences, interests, skills and values. If students come to the career planning centre, they will discover new career options and will gain knowledge, skills and experience.

Career Planning Steps :

Increasing Self-awareness

- Think about your past experiences. Discover what you like, what your interests are, what fields are important for you

- The first step in career planning is getting to know yourself and understanding yourself. Career planning is a personal decision. Career consultants give people a chance to determine their career goals. Career consultancy increases your awareness of career options and informs you on options you have never thought of.

- Search courses,student activities and training options

Looking for Career Options

1- Look for career options that suit your interests and skills by using the Career Planning Center and job sites on the internet

2- Look for different career options by asking  peers,family,academicians,graduates and other people around you

3- Look for job opportunities within and outside Gazi University

4- Develop plans to fulfil your aims,look for training opportunities,collect information and apply this information to your own skills, knowledge, experience and values

Gaining Knowledge,Skills and Experience

- To have practical training in order to get job experience,working in part-time jobs or summer jobs

- To have after-class activities that will develop skills such as communication,leadership and teamwork

- Add variety to your knowledge and skills by attending courses abroad,language courses,cultural facilities at the university and courses in different fields

- Record personal success and activities to add to your resume as you will need basic knowledge on communication skills,team work,work experience,motivation,leadership skills,the ability to work with different people,work ethics and honesty which are important for employers

Having an Interview with a Career Consultant

Career consultants help students in planning their future.The consultant may motivate you to think of different and new things that you have not thought of before.They provide support by asking important career planning questions so that you can determine your career goals.They teach you strategies making logical career decisions.Career consultants and students work together in career planning.Consultants enable you to learn more about yourself,understand the decision making process and gain knowledge on career opportunities.However,they do not tell you which decision to make or what to do in your career planning.The responsibility of making the decision belongs to you.By working with a career consultant,you set your career aims and develop the skills and knowledge to reach those aims.



Source: Penn State University Career Guide

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