Cover Letter

The cover letter helps you get distinguished among the other nominees giving preliminary information about you, supporting your CV. Write the experience, skill and the information about the field you have been applying to the cover letter shortly. Mention the reason you prefer the company and the position and benefits you are supposed to maintain through the company. The cover letter is the document in which you define why the qualifications you have are of great importance for the employer. If you can learn who is responsible for the employment process, you can address him/her in your cover letter.

Points to be taken into consideration in your cover letter:

  • Write your title, your name and your contact address and the date on the top of your letter
  • Tell about yourself and your carrier objective shortly
  • Pay attention to the punctuation and the organization as the cover letter is supposed to reflect you.
  • Use the same kind of paper as the one on which you have written down your CV.
  • Attach the cover letter in front of your CV.
  • One page of a cover letter is enough
  • Prepare a separate cover letter for each company you have been applying for
  • Mention your request of being interviewed at the end of the page.

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