Career Days

A number of career days that will enable our students and graduates to practice the theoretic information they received at school, gain communication skills, develop their self-esteem, select the best occupation in accordance with their interest and qualifications by setting correct goals through discovering the different perspectives of jobs , increase their personal development, get to know the business world and increase their awareness are organized at various universities during the spring and fall terms. Career days are also organized at our university.

Our students and alumni get together with executives from establishments in the public sector as well as companies from the private sector and benefit from their experience and knowledge and make use of internship opportunities through a face to face interaction. Some companies participate in the career days in order to run their own advertisement, but a large number of companies use the career days as an opportunity to look for dynamic, career focused and qualified candidates and have the opportunity to access human resources on the spot.

During these career days, you can express your qualifications to the employers in accordance with your career plan. Freshmen who have recently started their graduate and postgraduate training should consider these career days as a step to explore and develop their careers. Moreover, you can start establishing and developing your network which will be necessary after graduation.

What you need to do in order to make the best of the career days

Before the career days begin, find out which companies are going to participate and start researching about the companies you are interested in. Prepare the questions you want to ask in advance.

  • Prepare a resume using resume preparation techniques and take a few with you in order to give to employers you are interested in.
  • Dress the way you would if you were going to go to a job interview.
  • Don’t go wearing casual clothes. Because you will only have a few minutes to present yourself to authorities as a candidate, don’t forget that first impression is important.
  • Walk the entire area.
  • Contact the companies you are interested in and find out what they can offer and what their specialties are.
  • Introduce yourself to the company representative, shale hands and state your name and department.
  • Talk to the representative in a confident tone without exaggeration.
  • If you are looking for a job, state your training, qualifications and career goals to the representative and give the representative your resume.
  • Ask the representative the conditions in applying for a position in that company, what you need to do and the qualifications they are looking for in a candidate.
  • Take notes on what you have found out. Don’t ask about salaries. Take advice on things that will enable you to be choice of preference.
  • At the end of the meeting, take the name, title, work address and telephone number of the company’s representative, and any advertorial material on the company.
  • Review your resume after the career days and rearrange it according to the companies you are interested in.


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